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Welcome to the New Smash Transit Blog

That’s right, y’all: It’s time for a blog. After we evolved into Smash Transit and solely Smash Transit, we got rid of our blogs. Not sure why, but we really wanted to focus on streamlining our product and getting new goods out to you.

After we accomplished that – with your support – we realized we had a lot to do and share and say. From our love of design and travel, to wanting to feature our talented friends and people we respect, it was time to re-up and get back to writing.

So then, welcome to the new Smash Transit blog. We’ll be featuring articles about the above, as well as updates from the studio and our time on the road, and of course, new gear right here.

You can sign up for the mailing list and get in on all the action at this link. And of course, kit yourself in some of our fresh new gear while you’re at it.

Thanks again, we look forward to it!

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