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Four Cities for Spring Travel

While a lot of people visit Europe during the high season of summer, traveling during spring is not only cheap, but enjoyable. The weather is cold enough to experience the warmth of a hot chocolate, but also great for walking outside and doing some sightseeing while eating a gelato. Of course, cities located to the south of Europe have a geographical advantage; but also, some treasures in the north need to be kept in mind.

These are four cities, in four very different countries, that are perfect for your springtime travel adventures.

Lisbon, Portugal

The coolness of Lisbon is hard to explain. If you’re searching for a place to enjoy a creative city, visit the capital of Portugal. New centers of culture and art, including fusion restaurants, are emerging everywhere. Visit LxFactory to discover trendy sushi restaurants and amazing bookstores like Ler Devagar.

The historical center of the city is all castles, fortresses, and churches; and, if you wander a bit in the city’s iconic streetcars, you’ll end up in the houses of famous writers like Fernando Pessoa and Jose Saramago. For those passionate about art, the days in Lisbon are only complete after visiting Belém, a little town just 30 minutes away with the magnificent Berardo Collection Museum, which includes contemporary art and amazing temporary exhibitions. Once in Belém, you can check out the famous Tower of Belém, and eat the local pastry, the famous pastel de nata.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Have you ever had the opportunity to see a cloned sheep? Dolly, the famous animal, lives inside the National Museum of Scotland. But, if a stuffed sheep or the hard-to-acquire taste of haggis doesn’t convince you to visit Edinburgh, you’d better think twice. Edinburgh has one of the best atmospheres for tourism, where you can enjoy the secrets of whisky production and discover hidden passages between the medieval architecture of the Old Town.

Nature is an essential part of Scottish life, and there are plenty of options to walk around and appreciate the view of the city. If you want to climb a bit, Calton Hill is the nearest point, offering you the perfect place for that selfie. For those who want more adventure and an introduction to real nature, Arthur’s Seat, located next to the Holyrood Palace, is the dream-come-true for joggers and nature lovers. Plus, it has a spectacular panorama view out over Scotland.

Florence, Italy

Florence is famous for the Duomo, the beautiful David, and the Ponte Vecchio; but, for a small Italian city, the opportunities to discover something new are always there. The Galleria degli Uffizi, one of the best museums in Italy, is a must. Located next to the Piazza della Signoria, it is surrounded by breathtaking architecture and beautiful sculptures.

Small, cozy coffee shops are open everywhere, and the tiny espresso is always a good reason to take a pause. If you are interested in armory and sculptures, the Bargello National Museum is the place where your mind can imagine what kind of people inhabited this city. For those who love going out for a walk, the best option is to follow the Arno, from the Ponte Vecchio to Piazzale Michelangelo, where you can find the view of the most common postcards of Florence. Plus, visiting in springtime, you can expect fewer crowds and queues than in the summer.

Warsaw, Poland

From the old walls of the city to the palm tree located in the middle of town, Warsaw is all about Polish culture. The city is the incarnation of the history of the country, with old architecture that tells the stories of wars and invasion; along with new trendy buildings emerging everywhere. One of the main attractions is the Palace of Culture and Science, which is a huge building that hosts cinemas, theaters, libraries, sports clubs, and universities.

The culinary art is one of the best experiences of Poland, and you can try the traditional pierogi and small veggie soups. The Modern Art Museum has interesting exhibitions focusing on Polish artists and designers. You can visit the Copernicus Science Centre and on your way there, you can take a picture of the Mermaid of Warsaw, the protector of fishermen, which is guarding the shore of the Vistula river.

Warsaw, Poland by Adam Groffman for Smash Transit

These are my top recommendations for wonderful springtime travel. Where would you like to go? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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