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Europe’s Most Hipster Neighborhoods

It’s no secret that hipsters tend to congregate and make whole neighbourhoods their own. In Europe, there are plenty of examples of previously undesirable parts of cities that have been gradually or rapidly transformed into places where you can’t walk more than 100 meters without stumbling across a third-wave coffee shop, vintage clothing store, or vegan burger joint. Love it or hate it, hipsterdom has transformed many cities’ cultural landscapes. Here are a few of Europe’s most hipster neighbourhoods.

Schanzenviertel, Hamburg

This alternative neighbourhood of Hamburg is perhaps the least typical part of this Hanseatic German city. Full of edgy street art, vegan eats, quirky bars, and unique shopping opportunities, it’s a great place to hang out and people-watch. While there, don’t miss a night out at Rote Flora, a former theatre that has been converted into a club full of graffiti and the best tunes to dance like nobody’s watching.

Södermalm, Stockholm

Historically a working-class district occupying the large oval island south of Gamla Stan (the Old Town), Södermalm has been coming up among the coolest places to hang out in the Swedish capital for a while. Affectionately known as SoFo, the influence from the Brooklyn hipster scene is clear, with a fetish for vintage and design everything. Noteworthy are the Fotografiska, a sleek photography museum, Espressino for quality coffee, and Fabrique Stenugnsbageri for killer cinnamon rolls.

Neukölln, Berlin

While some might argue that Kreuzberg is where you’ll find the densest concentration of hipsters in Germany’s capital, Neukölln is definitely catching up. With sleek new wine bars, cafés, and co-working spaces to suit every sensibility popping up all over the place, it’s easy to see why Neukölln is popular, in particular some of its smaller areas, such as Schillerkiez and Rixdorf. And what’s more, one of the neighbourhood’s main arteries, Sonnenallee, is a great place to find innovative options for eating out.

Brixton, London

With a long, multicultural history, this South London neighbourhood boasts some of the coolest places to hang out south of the river Thames. While some Londoners may argue that the hippest places in the city are all north of the river, Brixton definitely has its fair share of interesting places to eat, unusual cocktail bars, and quirky places to hang out late into the evening.

Gràcia, Barcelona

Once you get away from the tourist traps of Gaudí architecture, Barcelona is overall a very hip city, and it’s not easy to say whether there is one particular neighbourhood that stands out among the others. Gràcia, however, probably has the highest concentration of cool cafés, unique art spaces, designer boutiques, and vegan eateries, all of which can be viewed as signs of hipsterdom.

Stoke’s Croft, Bristol

Looking for some of the best street art in the UK? Head straight to Stoke’s Croft in Bristol. Just north of the centre of town, this vibrant neighbourhood has some notable pieces by Cosmo Sarson, 3dom, and Stinkfish. Its main thoroughfare, Gloucester Road, is lined with excellent places to eat, drink, and shop, with food from all over the world, excellent coffee, and some of the coolest secondhand and vintage shops for miles.

Wieden, Vienna

Bordered by the Naschmarkt to the west and Schloss Belvedere to the east, Wieden lies just south of the central ring of Vienna’s old city. It’s full of cute independent cafés, secondhand bookshops, and design stores. It also has more than its fair share of vegan eateries, including Veganista for a huge range of vegan ice cream and Swing Kitchen for some of the best vegan burgers in Europe, both along Margaretenstrasse/Operngasse, one of the district’s main streets. The Naschmarkt itself is also worth checking out for its impressive range and quality of fresh produce and prepared food.

Of course, there are plenty more hipster districts around Europe’s cities: don’t miss Vršovice in Prague, Monti in Rome, Praga in Warsaw and Nørrebro in Copenhagen as just a few examples!

Have you ever been to any of these neighborhoods? If so, what’d you think? Any suggestions for things to see and do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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