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Brighton: A Hub of Art, Fashion, and Culture

On the south coast of England is a port city that, over the past twenty years, has become a hotspot and alternative culture hub that thousands of travelers are going out of their way to witness and enjoy for themselves.

In addition to the millions of national tourists who visit Brighton every year, there are more than 400,000 international visitors who have read about how lively the LGBT community is, having heard that the collection of vegan-friendly shops and restaurants is beyond count, and having seen in fashion and design magazines the quantity of products that the designers of Brighton produce at a staggering rate.

Easily explored in a day, Brighton and the ‘Laines‘ shopping streets have plenty to keep you busy.

The Latest Clothing Trends in Brighton

Every style of attire can be found in the North Laines, from the latest hipster trends, to classic vintage tie-dye wear, and an abundance of neon-coloured clothes that every raver and 21st century goth will be clambering over to add to their wardrobes.

Amongst the charity shops and small cute cafes are a number of vintage clothes shops and small boutiques, in which recently-graduated students from the University of Brighton sell their first designs, many of which may set the new style of the forthcoming year.

Down the streets, you’ll also see a number of clothing shops and design stores whose names you’ll easily recognise today, from perhaps your own high street. Yet, it was their beginnings in tiny stores in Brighton from which their flushing success was first conceived.

Veganism Is Big in Brighton

Brighton is also incredibly well-known, both within the UK and abroad, as being a very forward-thinking and green city, and it currently houses some of the best, award-winning vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the world, with Food for Friends as the oldest and most highly acclaimed.

For vegans in Brighton, there is so much more choice that isn’t just restricted to the best vegan restaurants. Instead, you’ll easily find vegan-friendly food in a number of regular pubs, cafes, and at food stalls throughout the city.

One of the most popular non-food based vegan-friendly places in Brighton is the Vegetarian Shoes company, which once shared half a shopfront with another designer, yet today sells thousands of pairs of their unique brand of ethical shoes internationally to veggies around the world.

Street Art Culture

The alternative edge of Brighton also carries alongside it a number of popular contemporary artists, sculptors, and painters; plus, a large collection of street art and graffiti writers who’ve left their mark across the city, down both the quieter alleyways and busier thoroughfares of traffic.

Paste-ups, stickers, and full wall murals are amongst the most common around the central shopping streets, and each one is full of colour, meaning, and imaginative symbolism.

For the expert eye, there are a number of treats to be found, with the works of prominent artists such as Snug, Cassette Lord, and Odisy amongst the pieces to be discovered.

The Sound of Brighton

With a keen tradition of alternative interests, it’s not at all surprising to find that Brighton is the home from which a number of the best dance, rock, and indie bands either formed or made their breakthrough performances. Chief amongst the most successful acts from Brighton are the rock band Royal Blood, indie band The Kooks, and legendary DJ Fatboy Slim.

With unique music venues such as the legendary seafront nightclub Concorde2 as part of the landscape, it’s not at all surprising that the music scene is not just thriving, it’s providing the perfect soundtrack for everything the alternative city contains.

Have you ever visited Brighton? What’d you think about it? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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