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A Quick Vegan Guide to Barcelona

Having recently declared itself a veggie-friendly city, Barcelona is easily one of the most vegan-friendly cities on the Iberian peninsula, if not in all of southern Europe.

Of course, in Mediterranean cuisine, there are often some dishes that just happen to be vegan, but sometimes you want something more than just gazpacho, patatas bravas and salad. Here are some highlights of the best vegan alternatives for your favourite comfort food in Barcelona.


Fast Food: Gopal

If you’re in the mood for something quick and tasty, head to Gopal, Barcelona’s oldest vegan restaurant. Serving up burgers, wraps, and sandwiches with generous portions of perfectly crispy fries, as well as a few cakes, this tiny little place lacks any pretentiousness that you might associate with the term ‘vegan burger.’ You may have to hover at one of the high benches or get your food to take away, as it’s a popular joint with not much space; but, it’s worth a visit all the same.

Cake: La Besnéta

Barcelona’s first and only all vegan bakery, everything at La Besnéta is freshly made by hand on location. The brownies are incredible, and the carrot cake is definitely worth indulging. Other regulars include cupcakes, cookies, and alfajores, as well as a few changing offerings like red velvet cake or lemon pie. There is no seating, so grab something to take away and enjoy it sitting on a bench in a nearby square.

Pizza: Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos

With a half-vegetarian, half-vegan menu, this pizzeria uses almost entirely organic ingredients and makes many of their vegan cheeses themselves, on site. Come for the generous and crispy pizzas, but don’t leave without trying the perfectly moist and satisfying vegan tiramisu. Staff are friendly and clearly passionate about making quality food, so don’t be shy to engage them and hear their story.

Beer: Cat Bar

For a huge selection of craft beers from around the world to wash down a vegan burger, head to Cat Bar, one of Barcelona’s more quirky vegan establishments. Images of cats are hidden everywhere around this cosy place, and there’s even a piano for anyone who feels inspired to play. They sometimes have a few vegan pastries on offer, making this the perfect place to come for an early evening snack and stay for an evening of beer and laughs (and cats) with friends!

Falafel: Maoz

This American chain serves up some surprisingly excellent falafel, and makes for a great quick and filling meal. Most everything is vegan, with the exception of a few sauces containing milk, so just ask to be sure. You can customise a giant bowl of salad to go with your falafel, or have it in a simple pita wrap. The fries are also delightfully satisfying, and it’s open late, so it’s a perfect post-club stop on your way home to bed.

For even more options, including cafés, take-away joints and fine dining, check out my guide to eating vegan in Barcelona.

Have you ever been to Barcelona, or visited any of these places? If so, what’d you think? If not, would you like to visit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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