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A Night Out in Brixton

I grew up in London, but despite spending the first two thirds of my life there, I never actually went out in Brixton. As an East Londoner, South London always seemed so distant, inaccessible…even exotic to me. Now that I no longer live in the UK, I feel like I’ve explored more of it in my visits to see friends and family than I ever did when I was there full-time.

On a recent trip, I finally spent some time in this multicultural South London neighbourhood, and realised it actually has a lot of great stuff to offer. So, here’s my guide to spending a night out in Brixton.

Brixton Market

Situated on Electric Avenue – so-called because it was the first market street in the UK to be lit by electric lighting in the 1880s – the Brixton Market is unique in that it is run by its members for the benefit of the local community, rather than by a company with shareholders. This means you won’t any chains here: independent retailers, restaurants, and cafes rule. Take a wander around when you first arrive in Brixton, as it’s a great place to browse for unusual gifts, artisanal coffee, cool artwork, and just to get a feel for what life in Brixton is like.

Photo by 86185290@N00 / CC by 2.0


When it’s time to kick off the evening but you’re not quite hungry enough to eat, choose a place to have a couple of cocktails. There are plenty to choose from within just a few streets of the market, including Three Eight Four, Barrio, and The Shrub and Shutter, each offering a unique selection of hand-mixed drinks in quirky surroundings, served by friendly and possibly cute staff.

Photo by clipp2nd / CC by 2.0


Given its multicultural makeup, it is no surprise that the food scene in Brixton is very diverse. Once you get hungry, you’re spoiled for choice on where to eat. Check out Vegbar for giant plates of vegan comfort food, Negril for Caribbean fusion cuisine, or Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen for contemporary West African specialties. And that’s just the start! Whether you’re craving Thai, Middle Eastern, Spanish, or Ethiopian food, you’ll be able to find it in Brixton.

Ritzy Picturehouse

After eating, head over to the Ritzy Picturehouse, a cinema with a lively bar that sometimes plays host to live musical or comedy acts, and sometimes, board game clubs and art exhibitions. Grab a drink at the bar and enjoy mingling with the eclectic South London crowd.

Have you ever been to Brixton? If so, what’d you think? Any suggestions for things to see and do in the area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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